LP 22032: Management of Ruminants

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Course overview

Current Status & Future Trends of Cattle, Buffaloes, Sheep & Goat Production

Production & Distribution of Cattle, Buffalo, Goat & Sheep At National & Global Level, Potentials & Constraints of Cattle, Buffalo, Sheep & Goat Production,

Breed Characters of Indian, European & Local Breeds

Dairy Breeds, Meat Breeds, Draft Breeds, Dual Breeds, Suitable European & Indian Breeds For Different Climatic Zones In Sri Lanka

Introduction To Synthetic Breeds & Crosses

Purpose of Development of Synthetic Breeds & Crosses, Identification of Suitable Synthetic Breeds & Crosses For Different Climatic Zones In Sri Lanka

Rearing Systems & Housing

Intensive (Small Holder/Large Scale), Semi-Intensive & Extensive-Tethering/Back Yard/Jungle Rearing Systems & Production Potentials, Different Housing Systems- Loose Barn & Conventional Housing Systems, Housings For Different Climatic Zones

Management of Neonatal Animals

Cleaning of Animals, Stimulation of Respiration, Removal of Umbilical Cord, Management of Colostrums Feeding & Its Importance, Passive Immunity & Development of Active Immunity In Neonatal Animals,

Management of Calf, Kid, Lamb

Natural & Artificial Milk Feeding & Advantages, Concentrate Feeding, Weaning, Housing, Identification Methods, Castration, De Budding & Dehorning, Removal of Extra Teats,

Management of Heifers

Oestrus Signs, Importance Of attain Puberty At The Correct Age, Importance of Nutrition, Heat Detection Methods & Oestrus Signs, Factors To Be Considered In Fist Mating, Natural & Artificial Insemination,

Management of Pregnant Animals

Foetal Growth Pattern, Importance of Nutrition, Isolation At The Latter Part of Pregnancy & Preparation of Calving Pen, Parturition Process & Management of Parturition, Management of Lactating Animals Milk Synthesis & Milk Secretion, Lactation Curve, Dry Matter Intake & Energy Balance During The Lactation,

Management of Postpartum Animals

Postpartum Problems, Re-Mating, Management of Dry Animals & Re-Mating Importance of Drying, Drying Methods, Dry Cow Therapy & Mastitis Control, Re-Mating of Cattle, Goat, Sheep & Buffalo,

Management of Stud Bull, Buck & Ram

Selection of Breeding Bull, Buck & Ram, Sheds For Breeding Animals, Mating Schedule,

Milking Methods & Clean Milk Production

Full Hand Method, Sniffi, Knuckling, Pinching, Machine Milking, Factors Affect On Clean Milk Production,

Draught Purpose of Buffalos

Morphological & Physiological Adaptations For Draught Purpose, Minimize Heat Stress

Beef & Mutton Production

Production Systems of Meat Breeds, Slaughtering,

Wool Production In Sheep

Wool Cutting, Wool Processing, Wool Grading,

Diffrent Types O Frecrds

Birth Records, Breeding Records, Health Records, Production Records.

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